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Things I Found…

27 Aug

I mentioned briefly a few posts ago that I tend to keep a lot of crap. I definitely have some hoarding tendencies, but nothing that’s gotten out of control- yet. I just have a lot of stuff with me at all times- at home, traveling, and at the office. I’m a big worrier and “what if” kind of girl: what if it rains? what if I get invited out after work? what if I spill an entire mug of tea on my pants? I need supplies to deal with all of those situations!

I used to carry a ton of stuff back and forth to work with me in my shoulder bag that I fondly refer to as a purse. I’d carry extra make-up, whatever book I was reading, and umbrella, extra shoes, etc., until one day it hit me: I have a desk. With drawers. I can probably keep some stuff at work. Huh. And so my “personal” desk drawer began…and it spiraled out of control almost as quickly as it began.

Our servers/network are down at work today- no business functions, no websites, no email. Since I can’t do any actual work, I decided to clean out my drawer. It’s been needing a good going-through for a loooooong time, and this morning when I both couldn’t do any work AND couldn’t open the drawer because too much stuff was crammed into it, I decided to just dump it all out on the floor and organize it. Here’s what I found:

– Standard emergency toiletries that one might need at work (toothbrush and paste, a comb, lotion) along with some not-so-standard toiletries (hair gel, baby powder, deodorant, perfume). I used to go to the gym at lunchtime and never brought all the shower-related stuff home, I guess.

– An empty Ziploc bag. Maybe I was trying to be environmentally conscious and saving it to reuse?

– Half a bag of conversation hearts. I’m hoping they were from last Valentine’s Day and not two Valentine’s Days ago…

– A broken rubber band I’m thinking used to be around the bag of conversation hearts.

– 20 paper napkins, many from various local food establishments I frequent for lunch.

– So. Much. Tea. And Splenda!

– Some extra make-up in case I get caught in a downpour or need to look extra pretty throughout the day.

– Half a bag of candy corn. I distinctly remember buying it on sale on November 1st last year.

– 6 plastic knives.

– 1 plastic fork.

– A box of hot chocolate I got during a Yankee Swap at least two years ago. Whoops. It was three years ago. The “best by” date on the box is July 17, 2011.

– Tampons, which are definitely not an odd thing for a lady to have in her desk in case of emergency. However, I have 42 tampons. 42!!!!! Sometimes I forget that I’m a lady and I need to keep these things on hand which results in emergency trips to CVS (2 days in a row, if I recall correctly) and I now have 42 tampons in my desk. When I dumped everything out on the floor, it looked like a tampon factory exploded in my office.

– Cold medicine- the good kind with pseudoephedrine!

– Two old bags of trail mix that had the M&Ms and raisins picked out of them. I always save the nuts because I tell myself I’ll go back and eat them, but I never do.

– My current bag of trail mix, which, for the time being, still contains raisins and M&Ms. I should probably just start making my own “trail mix”, which would be M&Ms and raisins coated in salt. Yummy!

There. Now everything’s clean and organized and all expired foodstuffs have been disposed of.

I just checked- server/network are still down. Maybe I should find something else to clean…

Song of the Day: All Cleaned Out by Elliott Smith