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That Special Time Of Year…

22 Nov

This has been a long time coming. I’ve wanted to write about my thoughts for a long time, but today felt like a good day to rant.

This post was triggered by two occurrences: 1. The Patriots wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October and 2. Christmas decorations being on display in CVS BEFORE HALLOWEEN. I probably could have written about this in two different posts, but I’m lazy so I lumped it all together.

Before I continue, let me first say that I don’t think spreading awareness about worthy causes is wrong AT ALL and honoring/supporting/remembering those who have struggled with/overcome/defeated/ live with a disease or some sort of adversity is a very respectable thing to do. I understand why the Patriots were wearing pink, and it’s touching- it just got me thinking about the sheer number of awareness days/months that exist.

A little Wikipedia search lead me to this page and this page and this page and this page– and I’m sure none of these lists is exhaustive. Take a look at the month of October- it’s kind of astounding how many things we should be thinking about and supporting in October. And yellow ribbons- they represent 9 different causes/diseases/groups. Orange ribbons represent 12. Don’t even get me started on the green ribbon. If you’re wearing a green ribbon to show your support for cerebral palsy, please note that you’re also supporting the legalization of marijuana, Lyme disease, and pedestrian safety.

(Fun side note: when people first started putting the magnetic ribbons on their cars, my mother was seriously annoyed by them and thought it would be a fun prank to walk through a crowded parking lot and swap ribbons from car to car. I don’t think she ever actually did it, but I thought it was a hilarious idea. She’s not opposed to supporting causes; she’s just not a fan of bumper stickers in general.)

I guess I have two thoughts here: If someone is passionate about something, wouldn’t they support it each and every day? Why need a special day or month to promote it? Also, at some point, doesn’t the prevalence of so many awareness days/months make the idea of having a special month for one thing that’s also the special month for something completely different seem somewhat meaningless? I apologize for that sentence, but I’m not changing it.

This leads me to holidays, mainly Christmas. My family celebrates Christmas entirely in the getting together, having fun, celebrating another year gone by, and appreciating the season of giving kind of way- nothing religious- and I look forward to our traditions and those few days together each year. We decorate the house, drive around to look at light displays, exchange stockings and gifts, eat certain meals, etc., and look on it as a special time of year- not one that we need to begin preparing for in October! Before Halloween! Who would buy a chocolate Santa in October? That’s just dumb and kind of gross if you think about that chocolate Santa sitting in someone’s closet for two months until it’s put in a kid’s stocking.

In my mind, the Christmas season starts after Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving! Why do retailers always seem to forget about Thanksgiving??? I guess it’s because there’s no gift shopping involved, but I think some candy company could jump on that. I’d totally eat a chocolate turkey) and I don’t really think about Christmas decoration or sending cards or buying gifts until after turkey day. But retailers keep putting decorations out earlier and earlier every year and I guess people must be buying them or else stores wouldn’t do it. But it still makes me angry. Let Halloween have it’s moment- don’t have the red and green candy out with the orange and black. Take a moment between holidays to take a breath. Really celebrate Thanksgiving and think about what it means. Then, move on to Christmas. With decorations and shopping happening earlier and earlier, the holiday loses its meaning and excitement for me- it just doesn’t seem special when the decorations and songs and commercials are shoved in your face for 2 months or more.

Mom, please don’t take offense to this. I know you listen to Christmas music year round because it makes you happy, and I’ve finally decided I’m OK with that, just as long as I don’t have to hear it until the Saturday after Thanksgiving when we go chop down our tree.

Crap, I just realized that I missed World Television Day. I’ll have to make up for that this weekend. Couch, here I come!

(I just noticed that I used the word “special” a lot in this post. Someone should buy me a thesaurus for Christmas. Just don’t purchase it before 11/29, please).

Song of the Day: Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song. Thanksgiving needs more songs, I think.

A Rant.

18 Apr

Everyone’s entitled to one now and then.  Today it’s my turn.

Things that are pissing me off today:

My hair. I either need to cut it all off or grow it long. I’m sick of this in-between business. Also, it’s getting the crap straightened out of it tonight. That’ll teach it a lesson about having a mind of its own while I’m trying to get ready for work in the morning. Come on, Hair, I have to look presentable sometimes.

All of my clothes. And the weather.  Is it hot out? Is it cold out? I never know because the weather changes every 5 minutes. How does one choose an appropriate outfit for this madness? And don’t say “light layers” unless you want me to slap you.

The MBTA. Why do two buses with the same destination arrive at the same stop at the same time?  That just seems like really poor planning. Especially for me when I miss them both.

People making mouth noises on the bus (eating, chewing gum, etc.). No one wants to hear you make disgusting noises. Ever.

People who wear backpacks on the bus. I do not appreciate getting whacked in the head by your huge bag.

People on the bus who get up from their seat like 5 stops early and then stand in the middle of the aisle, blocking the exit for the normal people who wait and get up at their stop.

People who say “ATM machine”. The “M” in “ATM” stands for machine.  You’re being redundant. The same goes for “PIN number”.

Getting phone calls from numbers I don’t recognize.

Everything I have to do at work today.

The fact that I have to go grocery shopping on my lunch break.  Grocery shopping is a vicious, vicious cycle.  Damn having to eat every day!

People who smile.

The fact that I’ve been slacking on posting a new entry on this blog.

I feel better now.  Venting is good.

Song of the Day: Shut Up by Blink 182