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A Promise Kept

21 Aug

I write a lot about friendships on this blog and this entry is no different. Years ago, in high school, my dear friend Bobby and I made a pact that we would make each other famous. Whether it was me bringing him in or vice versa, we would make it happen. In an unexpected but welcomed twist, Bobby was the first to land a role on a prime time television show after working on several sets that filmed where he lives in Hawaii. Proud and excited beyond compare, I awaited my phone call. And sure enough, it came.

Bobby called me with a script idea he had been working on. He said there was a role for me in it and he wanted me to read it. He gave me the treatment and it sounded like the movies we grew up watching and loving together. Movies about friendship and personal journeys and going through the ringer to come out better on the other side. Films about true bonds people make after years or even just days and the glue that keeps those bonds thick and solid. Movies about the changes you go through as a teenage or a 20 something that you can relate to no matter what age you are at. With just that brief treatment, I was sold on Rocket Club.

At first I was just expecting us to throw together this little film and see what happens as I am accustomed to in New York. You stick to a budget you can afford or cross your fingers and raise among your peers and go for it. Bobby, however, had bigger dreams than I ever thought. He told me he wanted to do this big and badass. He wanted to make this a feature film with a talented crew and get it out there for everyone to see. Following Tina Fey’s advice, I just said yes to all of it. Yes, let’s film in Hawaii in February (that wasn’t a hard one to say yes to); yes, let’s raise $350,000 bucks; yes, let’s go to Maine and film there, too. Yes, yes, yes.

The script touched my heart as I was hoping it would. It’s about old friends and new friends which, if you read this blog, you know are my favorite things to talk about. The main characters have so much of ourselves in them, I was in love immediately. Both Bobby and I have had rough years for different reasons but I think it’s made us the people we are. It helps that we have never lost touch and we continue to call each other randomly just to check it. I am proud of him and who he has become and what he has written. I am beyond honored he has asked me to be a part of this when he is connected to so many bigger names. Not to mention I am excited to work with him professionally as an actor.

Mostly, out of all of it, my heart swells knowing he kept our promise, our pact. And I know I would have done the same for him. That is friendship, that is love, that is everything that is good in the world. And that is the soul of Rocket Club.


Please follow this link to our Kickstarter. Watch the great video Bobby made and read the rewards we are offering. Any donation is appreciated. We can’t wait to make this movie and share it with all our supporters, friends, family, and strangers.

Thank you in advance,

The Rocket Club