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What the What???

25 Nov

So….everyone remembers Douchebag, right? I certainly do, but I haven’t thought about him since oh, I don’t know, March 21, 2012, when I wrote that post about him.  Last night, over a year and a half after my last correspondence with Douchebag, I got this text message:

Hi Bethany. It is Douchebag. I wanted to genuinely apologize to you for hurting you back when we met. That was a very dark time for me. I had just divorced my wife for having an affair and I was thinking of no one but myself. You are an incredible person and you deserve the absolute best of everything. I need or ask nothing in return. I just wanted to genuinely apologize to you. I hope for all the best and happiness in the world for you. You certainly deserve it.

I laughed for a good five minutes after I got that text message. And then I felt bad. And then I was shocked. He had been married?!? He never mentioned that. And then I felt bad again, because clearly he had been going through something rough and didn’t want/know how to talk about it. But, he handled it very poorly. Dating several girls at the same time is not really a good way to get back at your ex for cheating on you OR a good way to move on. Dating several girls at the same time is usually not good for anything. And then I laughed again, wondering how many girls he had sent that exact same text message to. PJ suggested that I write back to say “thanks for giving my boyfriend a good laugh” but I figured saying nothing was the way to go. It seems like he realized he made a mistake and he’s moving on. He probably doesn’t need any more salt poured in the wound.

At least he didn’t send a group text this time.

Song of the Day: Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake