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Another Misadventure: Bethany vs. Tights, Part 2

1 Apr

I have a lot of patterned tights: black polka dots, black stripes, black criss-cross pattern, black and grey argyle, etc. I also have a lot of patterned skirts. Unfortunately, patterned tights and patterned skirts don’t always look the best together. All winter long, I’ve been relying on one pair of solid black tights to go with the flashier skirts. Those tights have seen the washing machine many a time over the past few months. I know it would have been easy to just go buy a few pairs of plain black tights, but every time I thought about it, I felt like I could make it to the end of winter. It seems like a silly thing to think when we had what felt like the longest, coldest, snowiest winter ever, but believing that spring and summer were just around the corner kept me positive.

This morning, I wanted to wear a super cute skirt that definitely calls for plain black tights. I pulled out my trusty companions, put them on, and realized they were looking a little run down- lots of lint and pills from too much wear. I decided to gently clean them up with one of those battery powered lint removers with the spinning blades- those things are SO. MUCH. FUN. Removing pills from sweaters with those devices is so satisfying, but SPOILER ALERT: don’t use them on tights.

My “do it gently” tactic didn’t work and I suddenly had a large hole on the ankle of my tights and no other black tights to wear! I guess I could have changed my outfit, but I really wanted to wear this skirt, so I had a genius idea: wear the tights on the bus, run to CVS, and buy some new ones to change into at work! Brilliant! But, I still had a rather large hole on my ankle and my commuter shoes wouldn’t cover that up. I was taught to never walk around with runs in your stockings!

Here is where I hit a new fashion low: I put black ankle socks on over my tights to cover the hole/hopefully prevent it from getting bigger on my walk…and then I put on black sneakers. Yes. Black sneakers over black ankle socks over black tights. It’s a look I would not recommend.

I made it to CVS just fine and got to the hosiery section. Side note: hosiery is a funny word. They usually have these “weatherless” tights that are thick enough to be tights but are slightly sheer and are super duper comfortable, but they were all out! I was going to settle for some “shaping” tights when I spotted a package that boasted a pair of something that could be worn as tights with the feet or as leggings with no feet. Well, I HAD to see what they were all about, so I grabbed those and headed to the register.

I got to work and, after telling my saga to a co-worker who suggested that an even better look would be the tights, socks, and my black heels, I popped into the bathroom to try out these legging tights. There were instructions on the inside of the packaging, which I of course ripped as I tried to free the tights from their wrappings. After I worked everything out, I pulled the tights on and put my feet into the “toe pockets” as instructed. Toe pockets! How cute! Anyway, these nifty things have a flap that fits over your foot and overlaps with another flap on the bottom of your foot, and you can pull them apart to roll up into leggings. Neat-o! I did have a slight problem, though: these things are suuuuuper long. I can pull them up around my rib cage. So, they’re currently rolled down to my waist (although they keep trying to unroll) and the roll is luckily hidden my my skirt’s waistband.

Now I have a cool pair of tights that are too big for me that I will never wear as leggings- but at least I know I have that option.

Also, changing your tights in a bathroom stall at work is super awkward.

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