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30 Jan

At what point in the year do you stop saying “Happy New Year”? I feel like it’s too late, but I’m saying it anyway since this is the first post of 2014. Happy New Year!

I have all these ideas bouncing around in my head to write about here on ITYWS (yes, we’re an acronym now!): my introversion and struggles with social anxiety, participating in pageants as a child, college shenanigans, thoughts on turning 30 in less than 2 months, etc., but today is going to be a post with TMI. Again. I like to over share.

One of my pet peeves that I’ve yet to mention here is really random. And awkward. And personal. Here goes:

It really bothers me when women wear underwear under tights or pantyhose. I realize that this is crazy. There’s no reason for it to bother me- another person’s underwear does not affect me or my life in any way and I usually have no way of even knowing if someone has underwear under tights. Typing this out actually makes me feel like a crazy person. This annoyance must stem from my days in dance lessons when people would wear underwear under tights under leotards. It’s not a good look.

I think my biggest issue is this: pantyhose and the majority of tights out there are designed to be worn in place of underwear. The fabric in the crotch-area (I shuddered as I typed that C-word. It’s my second least favorite C-word) is thicker than the nylon/spandex legs and is often cotton. Wearing underwear under pantyhose is like wearing two pairs of underwear. Also, if you’re then wearing dress pants or a skirt, you have THREE waistbands digging into your love handles, and no one wants that. That would be so uncomfortable! Ok, my rant is done.

Now, onto the TMI. I keep finding myself in situations where I should be wearing underwear and I’m not. When I went to the ER, I was wearing leggings as pajamas with no underwear.  Today, I’m wearing tights and I have a doctor’s appointment. It’s very uncomfortable when you’re led into the exam room, given one of those paper sheets, and told to strip down to your underwear to then have to say “I’m not wearing underwear”. I don’t know about you, but I always get flustered and feel the need to explain why. It’s like when you have to wear a hat because it’s -40 degrees outside or you get toothpaste on your shirt and don’t realize it until you get to work and you spend the rest of the day explaining your appearance: “My hair is usually much fluffier! It was the hat!”

I know medical professionals see a lot of stuff, and bodies aren’t really a big deal to them, but when you’re up on the exam table it’s nice to have something to help you maintain a semblance of decency- and also to not totally shock your doctor when he realizes you are butt naked under that sheet even though you were told you could keep your underwear on. I meant to throw some skivvies in my purse today so I’d be prepared when I changed into my gown at my appointment, but I was in a hurry and completely forgot. Guess I’ll be picking up some cheap undies at CVS on my lunch break!

Song of the Day: I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today from Avenue Q