Fun Facts!

6 Jul

I know you’ve all been dying to know more about me. You’re welcome:

I’m 86% sure that my hair has stopped growing. My mom assures me that it hasn’t, but I’m not convinced.

I got to feed a capybara once. That was pretty cool. I touched one, too, on a separate occasion.

I listen to music while I’m blow drying my hair and lip sync into the mirror pretending I’m in a music video. Current favorite lip sync songs: Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye and Carry On by Fun.

I hate the word “lover” and the term “making love”. They make me shudder visibly. I, however, have no problem with the word “moist” and will say it repeatedly to make people uncomfortable.

I secretly want to be a stripper. Guess that’s not a secret anymore…

I talk to myself, out loud, all the time. Probably way more than any person should. I try to refrain from doing it in public so people don’t think I’m insane. I usually fail at refraining.

I think I’ve developed an addiction to buying nail polish.

I’m right handed, but I can only deal cards with my left hand. I deal them pretty poorly with my left hand, but I cannot deal with my right hand at all. I’m left footed.

Someone just called me “a delicate winter flower…who burns viciously in the sun.” And that’s true.

I hate sharing beds with people. I have recently taken to sleeping diagonally across my queen sized bed. Sharing a bed with someone would mean I’d have to actually sleep like a normal person. I do not possess that ability. Also, although I have 4 pillows on my bed, I use a bunched up blanket or the corner of my comforter as a pillow. It’s super comfortable. I think sharing a bed is a really weird concept. Sleep is important for living beings to be healthy and happy. Why jeopardize a good night’s sleep by having someone tossing and turning, snoring, etc.,  and generally keeping you awake??? I just don’t get it.

My favorite alcoholic beverage used to be the madras, but after a nasty run-in involving way too much vodka and some Chinese food, I can no longer drink them. I don’t think I’ve had Chinese food since then, either. I now drink rum and cokes.

I have a slight case of OCD and freak out if items on shelves, on my desk, in the dishwasher, and so on aren’t lined up. Everything should have a place and be put back in its place after use! Ok, I don’t actually freak out. I just find it annoying. Plus, the more neatly you organize stuff, the more stuff you can fit somewhere! I also have a slight case of hoarding.

I watch way too many “guilty pleasure” TV shows. Way. Too. Many.

I LOVE DOING LAUNDRY and I will do your laundry for you if you bring it to my apartment. I will even fold it. I will NOT put it away for you. That part sucks.

I watch this video almost every day while I’m doing my make up. I’ve pretty much got it memorized. No, I don’t get sick of it. Yes, I still find it hilarious. I heart her.

Song of the Day: Your Love by The Outfield (This is my favorite song. I love 80’s music.)

2 Responses to “Fun Facts!”

  1. Cal July 11, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    You forgot:
    Sitting by the pond, doing your makeup while watching tadpoles and bably frogs.
    You were on a state champion cheerleading squad.
    Cheerleading at BU.
    You were Vermont’s Junior Miss.
    Your favoite card game is Triple Solitaire.

  2. Cal July 11, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    I mean “baby” frogs.

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