Random Thoughts

18 May

This is a compilation of the random stuff that pops into my head. It’s mostly just complaints with a few thoughts thrown in.

I hate it when people continuously press the cross walk button. One push is sufficient. Pressing it non-stop will not make the lights change any faster. Do you not realize that the lights have to finish their cycle before it’s your turn to walk? They can’t just magically turn red when someone’s in the middle of the intersection. Take a chill pill.

Use your turn signal before changing lanes, people. It’s just common courtesy and makes the road a safer place for everyone. I overuse my turn signal, if that’s possible. I even use it when pulling into my driveway sometimes. And parking spaces.

I am always hungry. Always.

I found a peacock feather on the floor in the grocery store last week. That was weird.

I hate everything about “LOL”. I hate it when people type it. I hate it when people say it, unless they are clearly being sarcastic. I do, however, like ROTFLMAO.

What happens if you drop your phone or keys into a USPS mailbox? Can you call the post office and have them come get your item(s) out for you? I think about this every time I drop something into a mailbox and am holding my phone…even if I’m holding it in the other hand.

I really like to play board games.

Tomatoes are delicious.

Why would anyone ever fill out an official government form in hot pink pen? Or an orange pen? Why?

It really bugs me when women sit down without tucking/smoothing their skirt/dress underneath them. I don’t know why it bugs me, but it does. When you don’t, your skirt bunches up and is uncomfortable to sit on. Also, it increases your chances of wrinkles.

I just read about slugs on Wikipedia. They are gross. I prefer snails, even though they’re pretty much the same thing, because snails have a pretty accessory.

I saw a man taking his parrot out for a walk the other day. It made me smile, unlike the time I saw the man taking his boa constrictor for a walk, which made me jump about 5 feet in the air and quickly back away.

It’s Friday. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Song of the Day: I Wear My Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart


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